What Color Shoes To Wear With Red Dress

Whether worn as holiday-appropriate attire, a brave date dress, or a nightfall look, one thing is for sure: we ladies like a bold red dress! Am I right? But that’s the easy choice. Here describe What color shoes to wear with red dresses that are a little bit sharper.

Keep in understanding that if your dress is a burgundy, poppy, or pink tickled-red color, it doesn’t matter. Here are the best color shoes to wear with a red dress.

But if you want to see what shoes paired with a burgundy look best specifically, feel free to skip over to my content on what color shoes with a red dress to wear!

Funny sufficient, these are the same shoe colors that look good with green dresses too. Maybe because green & red are complementary colors? Who knows!! Oh, and we ensure to check out the widget right below for the best red dresses available at your favorite stores, at all price points right now.

So What Color Shoes To Wear With Red Dress!


1. Red Dress And Gold Shoes

My absolute preferred footwear match for a red dress is a metallic gold shoe. Whether a warmer or cooler toned sandal, heel, or flat, gold reigns supreme. Red Dress and Gold Shoes are the best color shoes to wear when pairing with a gown dress for formal and fab color shoes for cocktail clothes.

A flat, simplified gladiator-like sandal in this bright color also works well with a traditional streamlined or laid-back, bohemian fashion dress.

What Color Shoes To Wear With Red Dress
Image : Amazon

If you see a wear-with-everything gold sandal, check out Sam Edelman’s Yaro. Out for a pump? Nordstrom’s Abilene pump with a chic strap is a great contender. Are you looking for a strappy party heel? Check out those Sam Edelman Alisandra sandals, which are wondrous!

2. Red Dress Nude, Beige or Blush Shoes

What color shoes to wear with red dresses? Just as noted: in that particular order! These neutral footwear colors see fabulous with red & are likely simply accessible from your shoe closet. But a red dress and nude shoes & heels (no matter what your shade of nude!) is a fan favorite!

It makes the red outfit stand out & a Nudist-type sandal is a great way to let a more elaborate red dress speak for itself. Stuart Weitzman’s Nudist sandal & the designer’s latest satin Square Nudist, which is all kinds of amazing! A less costly alternative is Sam Edelman’s perfectly minimal Patti Strappy Sandal!

I’d opt for a shade close to skin tone for the most shoe-diminishing effect. However, whichever your skin color is, beige is excellent paired with a red dress! Although I don’t always choose a blush tone as it’s usually too ‘pinkish’ for red, it can mostly work.

Red Dress Nude, Beige or Blush Shoes
Image : Amazon

Look, Julia Roberts pairing her strappy blush heels with her dress at a premiere a pair of years back? Looks good! For a more casual see, a beige chunky heeled ankle shoe would look amazing!

3. Red Dress Black Heels, Sandals & Boots

Of course, black shoes: they fit with almost, if not, each color & type of dress, am I correct? I like the stark contrast they create compared to the red color & if your dress is just a solid shade of red, you get an instant color-block effect between dress & shoes.

I like how Zara paired black oxfords with a simple mini-dress, (left), providing it a quirky spin! Opt for strappy sandals for immediate glam.

Chunky heel shoes look great with a red sweater dress & are an obvious contender for a simple yet sexy no-nonsense style. It’s a great, “I’m not trying too difficult” look that’s great for a more laid back first or next date, as the Topshop image on the right illustrates so well.

Are you looking for black sandals? Stuart Weitzman’s NudistSong strappy shoes (available here at Nordstrom) are a great choice. 

Red Dress Black Heels, Sandals & Boots
Image : Amazon

Sam Edelman makes a great, comfy, but straightforward pointed pump called the Hazel. It comes in numerous hues and & you can take it from the ballroom to the boardroom and then to the bar!

So yeah, if you want an all-encompassing choice of shoe color to wear with your scarlet dress, black is a solid one!

4. Silver Heels & Shoes

When seeing for shoes to wear with a red dress, another good metallic besides color is silver whether it be pointed-toe pumps or shoes, they create a great pair! Silver shoes are better matched with metallic jewelry in the related shade, along with a red dress.

If you’re looking for a closed-toe silver shoe, J.Reneé’s ‘Maressa’ silver pointy-toe pump from Nordstrom has been quiet. It hit this season with its exciting texture & reasonable price. The popular strappy silver heeled sandal is Chinese Laundry from Nordstrom.

I love how the silver pumps are correctly matched with the Proenza Schouler dress on the far right, bringing out the whitelisting in the printed fabric. All three looks are a viewable example of how to wear a red dress with silver shoes!

Silver Heels & Shoes
Image : Amazon

On a side note, silver shoes are an excellent staple to have in your wardrobe as they match almost any hue. They’re also a simple solution to the constantly asked question of what color shoes with navy dresses to wear!).

5. Red Dress Blue Shoes

If you’re feeling like pushing the style envelope, a red dress with blue shoes is a great & unexpected outfit mix. Keep the purse over-the-top or straightforward. However, as long as the dress & shoe type makes the mind, this red and blue combo is an even funnier & eye-catching way to wear red!

Red Dress Blue Shoes
Image : Amazon

Two-Tone Colored Shoes With Red Dresses

If all of the up shoe colors look great with a red dress, why shouldn’t a mix look just as good? Below are my favorite two-tone combinations of shoe shades to make your hot-hued dress look even better!

6. Black & White Shoes

You may wear black shoes with a red dress and a pair of white ones, why not wear a two-tone shoe with your dress?

Although it’s more tricky to fashion red with a black/white shoe, the easier the dress, the simpler it will be to fashion a color block shoe. It is said, if you’re style savvy & has a good eye for explicit, a more intricate black & white shoe with an even more elaborate printed dress may work.

Black White Shoes
Image : Amazon

Just check the explanation of how Neiman Marcus replicated Saint Laurent’s runway. Blu/Red/white/pink floral dress with a two-tone old Greek printed platform.

7. Gold or Blush Combo Shoes

If you want gold or nude shoes that have another color that, on its own, works well paired with red, then you’re great to go. Gold toe-caps on nude pumps look amazing with Kirsten Bell’s elaborate dress (left).

The heel “capped” black pointed-toe pumps look just as fabulous with the bow-waisted red dress on the far correct. The black/blush floral pump in the center is surprisingly similar!

Again, this last one is harder to put together. Still, the blush clutch & the black nail polish brings the shoes & the dress together in an atypical & fun way.

Gold or Blush Combo
Image : Amazon

8. White Shoes with Red Dresses

Suitable for Spring/Summer (especially if you live in snowy winter wonderland Toronto!) alternative to black or silver shoes is a white shine shoe, sandal, or sneaker. Less bold than black, but still differentiating (depends much on skin tone & tights – if any- chosen), white shoes are the freshest of all when stored against a red dress.

White sneakers look marvelous with a simple red fashion of dress & are a great way to dress down the vibrancy of scarlet clothes. Not the best choice, but if off to a romantic Valentine’s dinner, White sneakers and heels are a few of my favorite shoes to wear with black dresses if you haven’t read that post of mine yet.

White Shoes with Red Dresses
Image : Amazon

9. Brown Shoes

Can you wear a red dress with brown shoes? I’m on the wall about this one because it’s a little bit of a ‘tricky’ color. As you can look with the image on the far right & that of Pippa Middleton in the Uhm, middle, their brown shoes are a very close match to their skin tone. So we could call these a ‘nude’ color on these ladies, we can’t?

Brown Shoes
Image : Amazon

The outfit on the left looks fine because it matches the pseudo-boho style she’s going for & the dress also contrasts the shoes by the opaque black rights. Not ensure if it would look as great without the stockings, though. You can examine with the pictures, right up until brown/tan shoes with red dresses work well for more easy-going, less dressy looks. And especially so if they match your skin tone!

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