How To Clean Lunch Bag?

We give our kids to school every day with lunch all neatly packed in their containers, though somehow, things tend to spill and leak in the lunch bag. It can’t be supported, and one of my greatest pet peeves is a sticky, grimy lunch bag. Yuck! and help them last longer.

Sounds familiar? I thought so, and I’ve put together a few tips to clean bags easily. It is fulfilling to purchase lunch bags. On the one hand, it becomes and meets a daily essential, and on the other hand, it brings responsibility. Many don’t love taking up “responsibility,” though they’re bound to do it.

Why? Because the only way to end materialistic features. This is why when buying any concrete, to lunch. The 1st thought is how to clean the lunch bag? Of course. Before seeing how to clean a lunch box, the central subject of consideration is checking the production. The brand of lunch bag that’s purchased also asks rhetorically, can this work for my lunch bag? The reason why you’re bound to check is that there are two brands of lunch bags.

How To Clean Lunch Bag?
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At the start of the school year. Your lunch bag is clean, clean, and able to stand up to all kinds of food, from pasta to sandwiches. Though, some months into classes (say around November or December), you may start to notice any lingering odors or stains. It’s probably a place you design to take care of, but you aren’t assured where to start.

Also, even though you have good plans, weeks and weeks go by, the smell worsens, and you are forced to buy separate lunch boxes. However, it should not come close to just a small effort and a few simple elements. Read the blog attentively to learn how to clean your lunch box to make your lunch bag look even more clean and beautiful. 

How To Clean Lunch Bag?

1. Fill in the Compartments with Water

  • Now that you’ve got to understand that it’s a dishwasher. Hereabouts are the tips that will lead you.
  • Put any water in your pot and heat it.
  • Detach the strap of the lunchbox.
  • Once it heats, pours it inside all of the compartments.
  • Make assured it covers the top of all compartments.
  • Wait for about 5 minutes.
  • Put your hand inside the water also, check the compartment’s walls to see if you will get food particles cleaved to the wall.
  • Use your hand to check each sector.
  • Clean the strap by scrubbing with both hands.

2. Machine Wash

  • Most significant, but not all, insulated lunch bags can be machine-washed. This is something I do weekly, usually Friday night, and the step is easy.
  • Clean Out.
  • Remove any trash or food things.
  • Any lunch bags are firmly suitable to withstand the heat from a dryer. Create sure to read the tags/labels on all bags for their recommended care.
  • Dry it out.

3. Check the Instructions

Of course, everyone would be worried for the first period. You’d need to tell your spouse, parent, or friend that you’ve had something like it since, and cleaning it then is not an enormous deal. Definitely yes! At most limited to impress them.

Although this is your first, wait. Go back to the direction and understand if it’s machine washable or dishwasher. If it’s not, next you only have to do any minor cleaning. That is, you’d have to take a clean cloth with sudsy water to clean the interior. Gently scrub the surface with a bit of several detergents, then rinse it and start doing it. But if the lunch bag is dishwasher or machine washable. You can then proceed with these methods.

4. Hand Wash

This is the most reliable method to care for lunch bags and guarantee they stay intact for a considerable time. Hand wash lunch bags go a few like this:

  1. Soap and Water.
  2. Fill your sink with heated water and a tiny amount of dish detergent.
  3. Wipe Down.
  4. Using a sponge or cloth, lower it into the soapy water and clean the lunch bag’s interior and outside. 
  5. Rinse and dry.
  6. The best system for washing it is to make a cloth that is moistened with clean water. After air dries it completely, wipe it with a towel. I would occasionally leave it out in my dish strainer, open and reverse, to enable it to dry overnight. 

5. Add Detergents

Immediately that it’s done, reduce the cost of water to the barest minimum. Now, join minute amounts of detergent inside the water. This is to transfer oily substances that cannot be removed with the daily use of hands and sponge. Gently scrub the interior piece of the lunch bag.

How To Clean Lunch Bag?
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I recommend doing regular spot checks to put lunch bags in mint condition. This is as easy as wiping the inside under with an antibacterial wipe or natural cleaner also rag.

I choose to use a homemade answer with the same vinegar and water or hydrogen peroxide and water in a spray bottle. Both sterilize and deodorize the inside. If you’re anxious about the vinegar scent, don’t worry! It disappears while it dries. 

While this isn’t a recipe, these easy tips can make packing lunches easier for working parents. And if you like putting all things lunch easy, you’ll love the brand of meal ideas we offer in our family meal ideas. Download an example MOMables Meal Plan where you’ll get five dinner recipes, a done-for-you shopping list, and a step-by-step meal prep sheet.

7. Repeat the Second Time

Soon can you notice something here? We’re just referring to the interior, and we looked not to be concerned about cleaning the inside of the bag. Is it correct that we’re not a concern? Of course, we are. The reality is that the washing of the exterior comes to play in this part.

Get a big container (if you don’t have one, no problem).

Pour any water into it. It’s not hot water now but cool (not chill) water.

Add any detergent into the water in the big container.

Submerge your lunch bag inside it.

Then start to scrub with a sponge.

And make sure that you’re turning the lunch bag from one side to the other as you’re washing it. This would assist the whole section to be immaculate.

Clean the interior and the exterior parts altogether.

Suppose you don’t have a great basin that you can submerge your lunge bag into. Pour any water into any container and ensure your sponge is foamy. Then use your weak hand (the hand you rarely use) to keep the bag and the most functional hand to scrub it.

7. Get Rid of Unpleasant Smells

If your lunch bag perfumes a bit like your gym locker, it might be time to present it with a little bit of TLC.

Step 1: Find a spray bottle and fill it with water and some drops of bleach. 

Step 2: Spatter the inside of your lunch bag with the answer, and wipe your hair with a dry cloth. 

Step 3: Allow your bag to dry thoroughly and leave it open while it dries. You don’t need the inside of your bag to scent like bleach, either.

8. Enjoy the Use

Is it dry, and is it clean? If yes, next, you can fix the adjustable strap to it and polish it if needed. Get your lunch arranged for it. And keep your food heated for an extended period. With the consistent washing of the bag, you can be sure of prolonged usage. This is how to clean a lunch box.

9. Wring & Wipe out the Water

Definitely, ere pouring out the water, you’ll need vigilance that the water is now slightly hot. Yes, it is. Here are the points that will assist you.

  1. The next question you’ll do is shake it together for nearly two minutes.
  2. Scrub it the second time
  3. Wring out the water, not forcefully but carefully
  4. Try to decide how clean it is.
  5. Wipe out the water judiciously with your finger, sponge, or cloth.
  6. Pour water into the lunch bag (not warm water now, but cool water).
  7. Close the bag now and shake the water inside it by “wiggling” the lunch bag itself.
  8. Once you’ve done that for another two minutes, wring out the water gently.


With only a question, “how to clean a lunch box?” And presently, you’ve got ten systematic steps to clean your lunch bag, isn’t that awesome? The article includes the effective cleaning of all brands of lunch boxes.

Though it buttresses and the lunch bag used to put food warm, it has a lining on the interior also not freezable gel. The report is reliable to assist readers in holding their lunch bags consistently clean.

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FAQs For How To Clean Lunch Bag In 2022

Can I put a lunch bag in the washing machine?

To save you lots of hard scrubbing by hand, many lunch bags can be thrown into your washing machine. If you’re not sure, wash by hand. Next, open any closed compartments; you might be surprised what you find! Once empty, toss the lunch bag into the machine and run on a gentle cycle with cold water and mild detergent.

How do you get stains out of lunchboxes?

Baking Soda:

  1. Create a paste with baking soda by joining water.
  2. Apply it to the stained sections of your containers, and let it sit a couple of times, then clean with a moist cloth or sponge.
  3. Wash the containers as habitual and let dry.

How do you clean a Bentgo lunch bag?

Yes, you can carefully clean your Bentgo Lunch Box (including plastic silverware) in the dishwasher. To guarantee a snug attack for the life of your Bentgo, we endorse that you hand wash the top lid and also the divider that sits within the two containers. The compartment plate of Bentgo Kids is top-shelf dishwasher secure.

Can you wash the Pottery Barn lunch box?

Throw it in the Washing Machine(Learn more)

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