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A quality pair of work pants should withstand harsh working requirements and perform well and provide for effortless movement during the day. However, here’s the deal: All work pants are not built equally.

From metals used in their creation to the various features found throughout the pant, there is quite a bit you will need to consider before creating your purchase.

To make sense of it all, we are here to assist. In this guide, we not only review the most popular and best work pants for men in 2022 but also share with you some key considerations you should be thinking about before you make your purchase.

Work pants handle tough jobs while protecting your skin. Whether you work in carpentry or landscaping or want a harsh coat of armor over your skin for DIY home projects, these are the best work pants you can find.

Here Top 3 Best Work Pants For Men (For Quick view):

Image Product Details   Price
Dickies DICKIES Note: As classic—and affordable—as they come. Check Price
Carhartt Men’s Firm Duck Double-Front Work Dungaree Carhartt Men’s Firm Duck Double-Front Work Dungaree   Note: High Quality Build Pants. Check Price

One weekend, you may be bushwhacking through thorny briars while attempting to arrive at a secret trout hole. Besides, you could be blowing surrounding in your attic. Amazingly, work pants often do both jobs well.

When assessing work pants, we analyzed how great the pants do hard jobs while protecting the body. We also thought about durability and how it relates to pricing, comfort, and overall construction.

The pants below will suit many full-time tradespeople. They will simply suffice for the weekend DIYer or someone who needs something a little tougher than jeans but probably won’t be adding a tool belt to their ensemble.

Here 10 Best Work Pants For Men In 2022:

Across the board, I favored the pants that had a mid-thigh utility or cell phone pocket. Our quip for greatest is that brands tend to place utility phone pockets on the right side. It would be helpful to view a left-side phone carry pocket here and there. Also, as a right-handed person, I prefer to use my phone with the left hand to give my right hand free for extra things. But we all have to make compromises.

For sizing notes, I’m 5’11” and 170 pounds. I have a 33-inch inseam, which sets me at that uncomfortable place of needing to get pants an inch large than I’d like because most manufacturers only cut even-numbered lengths.

Some manufacturers cut their pants on the short side of 34 inches, which works better for me. Each of the pants tested is size 32-inch waist and 34-inch inseam. Besides, I yet have an iPhone SE in a protective case. That’s a relatively tiny phone by today’s standards, and I doubt most bigger phones might have a hard time fitting into some of the utility pockets discussed below.


Crafted from a combination of polyester and ripstop fabric, the Tactile Pro Performance Pants from 5.11 Tactical are a good deal lighter and more comfortable than a bulky pair of blue jeans, but they’re also a measure tougher. Because they’re also Teflon-treated for even more durability than they already have, they also feature a gusseted construction for a more excellent range of motion, eight pockets so you can keep your gear on-hand and organized. They feature heavy-duty hardware and YKK zippers.

Best Work Pants For Men


As classic—and affordable—as they come.

Image :Amazon

3. Carhartt Men’s Firm Duck Double-Front Work Dungaree  

Pant B01

  • High Quality Build Pants
  • More than enough Utility Pockets
  • Triple stitched seams
  • Knee Pad Compatible

We like the pants’ quality, and they feel like they will last for a long time, even in harsher conditions.

The Pants that are built to last and last. You can feel the quality in the build of the Carhartt Firm Duck pants.

There are more extra enough use pockets with quality stitching and room for carrying the essentials like tools and cell phones. Pockets are situated to the side and back.

There is additionally a handy hammer circle on the left leg. The belt loops have been expertly stitched to ensure there is extra security from tears. They are made from 12-ounce cotton duck.

The central seam has been triple seamed, and you can feel that these pants will last a long time. The pair that we tried was the original loose fit.

Safety Workwear View:

These are very well-made products with a reasonable pricing point. If involved in manual labour, these should stand the tests that are thrown at them daily. It may be worth buying a size up to provide shrinkage after laundry.

Carhartt Men’s Firm Duck Double-Front Work Dungaree
Carhartt Men’s Firm Duck Double-Front Work Dungaree
Image :Amazon

4. Walls Men’s Move It The Original Light Flex Work Pant

For Men who want lighter pants, these may be the option for you. The work pants are created of 59% Cotton, 39% Polyester, 2% Spandex. Showerproof, therefore suitable for outside working.

Walls Men’s Move It The Original Light Flex Work Pant
Image :Amazon
The Good Points:

Lighter weight. Velcro Pockets, which are profound. They can be used outside of work settings as they have a stylish appearance. Reasonable pricing point.

5. Wrangler Riggs Workwear Men’s Ranger Pant

The Wrangler Men’s Ranger Pants are made of 10 oz 100% Ripstop Fabric. The pants have been reinforced at the knee, seams, and tape measure clip. The rear pockets have been lined. Those are built to last.

These pants have

  • Hammer Loop
  • Side Cargo pockets with deep pockets
  • A watch pocket
  • Deep Front pockets
  • Reinforced leather tape measure clip
Wrangler Riggs Workwear Men’s Ranger Pant
Image :Amazon

6. Tru Spec Men’s 24/7 Tactical Pant

These Pants by Tru Spec offer a tactical designation with versatility and durability.


  • Side pockets
  • Thick belt loops
  • Large velcro rear pockets
Tru Spec Men’s 24/7 Tactical Pant
Image :Amazon

7. LA Police Gear Men’s Teflon Coated STS Atlas Tactical Cargo

These tactical cargo pants are strong and have a water-resistant cover. There is also a handy slider waistband—twin stitched.


  • 6.5oz. 65/35 polyester cotton rip-stop fabrics are DWR water repellent coated.
  • Reinforced knee section housing built-in pads pockets
  • Cargo pockets and accessory pockets
LA Police Gear Men’s Teflon Coated STS Atlas Tactical Cargo
Image :Amazon

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8. CQR Men’s Work RipStop Tactical Utility Pants

These Utility Pants are based on law enforcement design made from Duratec material and good sizing options.


  • Fade, shrink and wrinkle resistant.
  • Multiple cargo pockets for equipment
  • Standard fit
CQR Men’s Work RipStop Tactical Utility Pants
Image :Amazon

9. Caterpillar Men’s H20 Defender Pant

The H20 defender trouser features a revolutionary water-resistant stretch fabric, meaning it’s durable and versatile. There are snap-off holster pockets. Made from 65% Cotton, 33% Polyester, 2% Elastane


  • Reflective piping at the front and back of knees
  • Top loading knee pad pocket
  • Scuff guarding for extra protection
Caterpillar Men’s H20 Defender Pant
Image :Amazon

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10. Dickies Men’s Regular Straight Fit Double Knee Stretch Pants

These Dickies Work Pants are made from cotton and poly twill, suggesting that they are soft and durable.


  • Reinforced Knee section
  • Wrinkle resistant
  • Multi-use pocket on leg
Dickies Men's Regular Straight Fit Double Knee Stretch Pants
Image :Amazon

Best Work Pants: A Note on Selections

It’s always tough to include every brand. We didn’t dive into several great brands explicitly aimed at the tradesperson like Jobman Workwear, Blackrock Workwear, Walls, and Snickers Workwear. Although they offer excellent clothing, these don’t bridge into recreational clothes very well.

Here, we have marked some profile best products from mainstream brands Carhartt, Dickies, and Duluth Trading Company; outdoor brands like Patagonia and Mountain Khakis; technical brands like 5.11 Tactical; and boutique brands like 1620 Workwear and Topo Designs.

But we’re continually keen to learn about different brands you love. Let us know in the comments below what your favorite work pants are and why. As always, we update this content over the years as we put more extra pants to the test.

Suppose you are looking for the best work pants for short men or jeans for short men. Then ok. Only under 5’6″ and 120 lbs after dinner, Brock is a smaller guy, so he loves wearing slimmer, more tapered pants. If you’re a giant gent or want a more traditional silhouette, go with slim straight.

Whatever you do, stay away from baggy jeans. They don’t flatter any body type, especially on smaller or shorter men.

These 6 features are what men love in work pants

These six features are what men love in work pants. Your work pants’ features are one of the most important considerations when you’re making a purchase. Consider the parts you need the most to do your job the best that you can. Possibly you need a utility pocket or joint pads.

Maybe you want hammer loops or slash pockets. Possibly bib overalls are higher your speed, or abrasion resistance is critical. Whatever pants you select, ensure that they fit your needs.

  1. Utility/Cargo Pockets: Utility or cargo pockets are big pockets to hold your equipment and tools. Utility pockets and tool pockets are typically more extensive (and therefore have larger tools) and can be only partially attached to the pants. Cargo pockets are more of a patch, feature accordion folds for added storage potential, and secured closure like snaps, buttons, or Velcro. These are especially great if you need to carry smaller items separate from or except a toolbox or workstation. Besides, don’t underestimate the value of back pockets in a pair of work pants. They may not seem significant, but your work environment can drastically change, and you may need as much storage as you can get. The back pocket is the ideal place for construction workers to clip their tape measure, for example.
  1. Stretch Fabric:  Stretch fabric promotes relaxation and ease of movement and is essential for workers who need the freedom of movement. Another option here is a loose-fitting fabric – this can be risky if working in a city where extra material can be caught in machinery.
  1. Utility Loop:  Similar in concept to a belt loop but stronger, larger, and usually placed on the upper leg or thigh. Above all are most often used to hold a hammer, with the head sitting above the loop and the handle dropping down.
  1. Knee Protection: Taking care of your knees is essential, and knee protection is a must-have feature if your work conditions keep you on your knees. These take many various forms, including double knee pouches to insert pads or sewn-in reinforced knee pads.
  1. Gusset:  Possibly one of the most critical features in work pants for the active man, a gusset is a diamond-shaped piece of fabric sewn into pants’ crotch. It reduces all seams coming together in one spot to increase comfort and movement. It also keeps your pants from pinching your junk as you crouch – if that’s not important, we don’t know what is.
  1. Ripstop Fabric: Ripstop fabric refers to how the cloth is woven – it’s a unique reinforcing technique that makes it resistant to rips/tears, an excellent feature for pants that will take a beating during your work. To create it, the fabric is mixed with a crosshatch of plastic. While ripstop can be made from several different materials, it is most commonly cotton reinforced with nylon.

How should your work pants fit?

Fit depends on what kind of work you do and how satisfied you are. It’s a matter of preference. An approved fit, for example, usually fits straight on the hips, legs, and feet. It’s not loose or tight. A relaxed fit will be more flexible in these areas. A slim fit will be more intimate with less fabric. It’s essential to note that those terms are often not defined the same way over the board. Check your favorite pair of pants or designer to ensure you match the size chart gave.

What style and type of pants will perform and look best for your workplace?


  • Active styles allow you to move with ease.
  • Features like stretch waist and fabric provide for a better range of motion. Other features most often associated with active style types are moisture-wicking technology for sweat and stain and wrinkle resistance for comfortable wearing and care.
  • Active pants are usually made from a breathable fabric like cotton.


  • The critical feature of cargo-style is the larger, open flap pockets that allow for lots of storage space.
  • These are a trendy style of work clothes due to the pocket space, perfect for construction workers.
  • Most commonly made of quick-drying cotton blends, including cotton canvas, that is ruggedly stitched. High-quality cargo pants are made with ripstop material.


  • Made from soft denim, worker pants lack some of the storage possibilities of cargo pants and some of the best men’s work pants for those that need lots of freedom of movement.
  • They frequently have more room in the seat for carpenters and other workers who bend and move around the workshop.
  • Standard characteristics found in these pants are multiple tool and utility pockets, a hammer loop, and a leg hole meant to fit over boots.


  • More major professional styles of work pants may resemble chinos
  • They usually feature fewer visible pockets and are made from smoother fabrics
  • A great pair should still offer the points you need but not look out of place when you go from your workbench to your office.

Here are work pant materials most commonly used by companies:

Cotton and Cotton Blends

Cotton is the most common fabric for work pants due to its durability and versatility. There are different types/blends, but two of them stand out as the most common.

  • Cotton duck:   The most common and the most durable duck utility pants have nothing to do with actual ducks. It merely is a durable woven canvas, spun similarly to “duck” or duct tape (source). All most often come in tan, khaki, or brown and have a soft surface not prone to snagging or tearing. They’re also generally great at blocking the wind, won’t melt when exposed to high heat (vital if you’ll be welding), and although initially stiff, they soften with wear and washing. They can be washed typically, too, making care easy.
  • Denim:   Initially made with workwear in mind due to affordability, toughness, and accessibility, denim is jean material. It means it is a rugged cotton twill fabric that is easily recognized with diagonal ribbing. It’s very pleasant to wear and is particularly durable. They are generally easy to clean and soften with wear and washing. Denim work pants are thicker than fashion denim.

Synthetics Work pants made from synthetic materials like nylon and polyester were not popular in the past, but technological advances have increased in popularity. Synthetics are because they did not properly guard against heat, fire, and water and did not wear as well. Technological improvements have made this fabric much better.

How much should you pay for a good pair of men’s work pants?

  • Cost ranges drastically between $25-200, with the largest being around the $40-50 mark. There are no excess designer brands here, so be sure you’re paying for characteristics and durability. There are some well-known brands, like Carhartt and Dickies, but the features and functionality matter far more than the brand.

Think you are looking for the best work pants for long men, OK. If you do use a lot of time doing standard labor, then you presumably already know that your best friend, in thoughts to garments, is a pair of job-appropriate work pants. Typically, these bottoms are made from ultra-tough, sometimes-coated synthetic elements that are a good deal tougher and tighter to exposure than traditional textiles. They’re also often equipped with a few bonuses — like tool-specific pockets or a cut supporting wearing knee pads — helping elevate their value even further. If this sounds like the thing you’re searching for, we’ve put together the following list of the ten best work pants for men.

3 Must-Have Accessories for Work Pants

Utility Belt / Work Suspenders

Usually called a tool belt, utility belts or work suspenders highlight a combination of pockets, compartments, and loops for carrying tools and other things. These are especially helpful if you need to bring supplies that won’t fit in your pockets.

Work Boots

Work Boots

Work boots are a particular type of boot intended to guard your feet while working. Most maximum work boots have strengthened toes that protect against heavy items, a thick sole that stops punctures, and a high ankle for support.

Work Gloves

work gloves

Work gloves cover and guard your wrists and hands against cuts, blisters, splinters, punctures, heat, and chemical burns. A must-have if you run with your hands.

Work Jacket

A work jacket is meant to protect you and your clothes during manual labor. Usually made with thick cotton and made loosely to fit over clothing, they’re a great call if you work with substances that will ruin other fabrics.

Work Jacket

5 Things to Consider When Buying Workwear Pants

1. Gusseted Crotch

You may need to make sure your pants become a crotch gusset. A gusset is a diamond-shaped piece of metal sewn into the crotch to supply you extra space to bend warmly, crouch, kneel, and drive.

Many workwear companies produce pants that have a gusseted crotch. 

2. Relaxed Fit

Preferring a set of pants with a comfortable fit through the seat and thighs will also help give you additional comfort and additional freedom of movement while working.

Additionally, workwear pants with articulated knees better simulate your leg’s natural shape and support for a more comfortable fit and make it easier to move while wearing the pants.

3. Double Knee

Do you want a reinforced double-knee? Yes, this helps add toughness to the work pants and assists them to hold up longer, but it also adds pressure and traps heat. For some jobs, a double-front is overkill and adds bulk.

4. Oil Finish

Filson’s Oil Finish Double Tin Work Pants are, in my theory, the tightest pants on this list. We did not set them at #1, though, because not everyone needs workwear trousers with a waxed, oil finish. These pants are ultra-tough and add heavy-duty abrasion resistance, and need to be cared for separately from standard canvas work pants.

5. Price

There is a full range in the cost of workwear. USA-made heavy-duty work pants can cost $100 or higher. Imported pants, with few specific details, can be much more affordable (but also likely won’t last as long).

You’ll require to weigh your choices to figure out what type of workwear pants make the most sense for your budget. Seldom higher-priced quality can save you money in the long run because it lasts longer.


Buying in a quality pair of tough work pants is recommended to any man working on a construction site or in a factory environment. It depends on the tasks that are to be undertaken on the method. Stability and toughness should be one of the top factors taken into account. All of the references offer something various depending on the tasks. The next step is to choose your preferred style of most difficult work pants and how much your budget can stretch.

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Work Pants vs. Jeans vs. Chinos

Work Pants

Work pants are specially designed to support the man doing standard labor or work that needs him to be around substances that would ruin other fabrics. They are often created of heavier materials, highlight better enclosures and more area, and are usually ready-to-use pads in the knee area. Quality work pants will not significantly transition well to off the job site.


Jeans can also be used for light work anywhere there is no need to be careful about water and fire. Men’s jeans are now more traditionally worn in fashion frames and do not highlight the same protective or functional features as doing work pants.


Men’s chinos are specifically designed for fashion and are not meant to be worked in. They do to be lighter materials and will stain and stain easily.

Chore Pants

Chore pants are a companies name from Taylor Stitch, a band that offers high-end work pants. Taylor Stitch pants are intended to be light to medium duty pants for doing work around your house. They’re pricey but also quite fashionable. 

Our Criteria for Choosing the Best Work Pants for Men :

We looked at different features to come up with the best work pants for men in 2022, including fit, features, durability, and capacity. Work pants should meet your needs, particularly in terms of storage, and not limit your motion. We took an objective look at many types of pants and, measuring them against cost, picked our favorites.

FAQs For Best Work Pants For Men

What are the best work pants?

The best work pants are those that work for you. It could mean that you need something heavy with lots of pockets or something lighter and focused on movement. Think about your price point as well.

Are Dickies work pants any good?

Yes. There are better options out there if you’re willing to invest a bit more money, but Dickies pants are perfect.

 Are five-pocket pants business casual?

They can be – this depends on the fabric choice, style of pockets, and their location.

What are work pants called?

Work pants have many different names, including canvas pants, best cargo pants, cast iron utility pants, duck canvas, and more.

Do skaters wear Dickies?

Yes, though they were created initially for uniforms.

What are double knee pants for?

They have a double layer of material over the seat and thighs that stretches down over the knee to give you the extra reinforcement you need at the knee.

What is the difference between regular and slim pants?

Difference between slim fit and regular fit jeans for men

Regular fit jeans sit straight on the hips and thighs, whereas a slim fit fits tightly in comparison. Regular fit jeans or narrow is your personal choice, but you can only choose one when the difference between regular fit and slim fit jeans is clear to you.

Are Dickies work pants any good?

 Dickies pants for men are some of the workwear brand’s most signature items. These men’s pants are highly rated and useful in a vast number of challenging situations. And they’re generally pretty affordable. The company has jeans, khakis, cargos — the works!

What are the best waterproof pants?


  • Outdoor Research Helium.
  • Patagonia Torrentshell 3L.
  • REI Rainier Full-Zip.
  • REI XeroDry GTX 
  • Montbell Versalite.
  • Zpacks Vertice.
  • Marmot Bantamweight 
  • Arc’teryx Zeta SL 

What are the best slim-fit work trousers?

Best Slim Fit Work Pants

  • Dickies Slim Fit Work Pants. Dickies is a well-known name in workwear. 
  • 5.11 Tactical Men’s Flex Slim Pants. 
  • LEE Men’s Modern Series Slim Cargo Pants.
  • Columbia Men’s Flex ROC Slim Fit Pants. 
  • Eddie Bauer Men’s Guide Pro Pants.

Is it OK to wear cargo pants?

Cargo pants are a great casual alternative to jeans, chinos, and 5-pocket twill pants. Of course, you could wear the outfits below with any of those pants styles, too. I like the nod cargo pants give to the military trend that has been in fashion for what feels like forever.

What are the most durable jeans?

In combing the world’s top brands, we’ve separated the raw selvage from the overcooked cotton and ended up back where we started: London. The British denim connoisseurs Blackhorse Lane Ateliers are our number one choice for durable men’s and women’s jeans.

What are the coolest work pants?

8 Best coolest work pants

  • Carhartt Rugged Flex Rigby Double-Front Utility Pant. 
  • So Men’s Rivet Canvas Pants. 
  • Taylor Stitch Chore Pants. 
  • Proof Rover Pants. 
  • Timberland PRO Gridflex Canvas Work Pants. 
  • Filson C.C.F. 
  • Topo Designs Dual Pants.
  • Wolverine Firezero Duck Cargo Pant.

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