After so many crappy salad bar meals and desperate Subway orders, there’s a good reason for you to be interested in bringing your lunch in from home. And hey, it’s the healthier, cheaper option, too. You’ll be cooking and preparing food at home instead of ordering subpar grain bowls that cost $14 a pop and only taste good when you drench them in spicy mayo.

Gone are the days of nerdy Superman lunchboxes—unless, of course, that’s your thing—but you can get a lunch box that looks cool and also works to keep your food cold (or hot). Whether you like bento-style boxes, sacks, or old-school tins, here are the best options for packing your lunch for work every day.




  • comes with three separate compartments

From those very first times at school, lunchboxes are a staple EDC item for anyone hauling a homemade meal to work. Sure, it might not offer the exotic appeal of a lunch out, but there are many benefits to be had from brown-bagging it. Whether it comes down to cost-efficiency, nutritional needs, or applying up leftovers — amongst a gathering of other reasons — there’s no confusion in bringing your lunch from home. Besides, there’s no feeling worse than a mediocre meal out — mainly when your pantry featured far better options.

But no one wants to be the office dork, and choosing a lunchbox that won’t give you the laughing stock of the lunchroom is a complex proposition. While some offer excellent functionality, they’re not necessarily workplace-approved. And though a brown paper bag is about always a safe bet, we’re well past the days of single-use goods being en vogue. So rather than settling for a subpar lunchbox or — worse yet — succumbing to the snack bar, have a gander at our picks for the best lunch boxes for men.

Here Top 3 Best Lunch Bags For Men (For Quick view):

Image Product Details  Price
ZOJIRUSHIZOJIRUSHINote: It comes with three separate compartments. Check Price
RUBBERMAIDRUBBERMAIDNote: the LunchBlox is our top budget buy.Check Price
BLACK & BLUMBLACK & BLUMNote:  Made of stainless steel and is 100% free of plastic. Check Price

Everyone eats lunch, and if you’re looking to save some dough, you’re probably into brown-bagging it on workdays. Unfortunately, paper bags are dull, weak, and incapable of keeping your lunch items cold or hot in preparation for eating when lunchtime rolls around. These disposable options also aren’t eco-friendly.

Still, you’re not too keen on using the related lunch box you took to school as a kid, even if you did somehow manage to keep the thermos intact. Showing up for lunch meetings with your The Empire Strikes Back lunch box won’t score you any brownie points with the boss, even if he is a fan of Solo and the Wookie.

How can you have your man card and enjoy a cold beverage with lunch? Whether you’re looking for a tote that’s fit for work or a box that will hold up under camping requirements, there are plenty of adult lunch boxes that are perfect for use by men. Some are even designed to go from the office to a tailgate party or a river-rafting trip, thanks to versatile styling and features. Where can you find your perfect lunch box? Here are 18 great options to choose from.

Lunch boxes have always been a fun way to show yourself.

As kids, it was all about picking the right color or characteristics to match your personality.

Characters go out the window when you turn 21, but the style is just as important in the break room as it was in the school cafeteria all those years ago.

In short, it’s time to ditch the brown paper bag and upgrade your lunch game.

What To Look For In Men’s Lunch Boxes?

  1. Capacity: Make sure there’s enough space for Tupperware, drinks, and snacks
  2. Size: You’re looking for Goldilocks — not too big, not too small, but just right
  3. Cleanliness: Make sure the interior is easy to wipe clean and won’t leak
  4. Insulation: Proper insulation should keep your food hot or cold for several hours

With today’s drive towards healthy eating, more and more of us turn away from the workplace cafeteria and choose to bring a packed lunch to work instead. Not only does bringing your lunch with you help you to save money, but it also allows you to make healthier choices. It’s much less tempting to tuck into a plate of burgers and fries when you have a delicious homemade sandwich or salad in your lunch bag!

Of course, dining in a way is still pretty important for any self-respecting guy. Nobody wants to take their lunch to work in an old-school paper bag! With that in mind, we’ve compiled a collection of the best 13 lunchboxes and bags for men so you can feel proud to bring your lunch to the office.

Choosing a lunchbox is something that can be fraught with dangers. You’ll want to avoid the flowery or girly lunchboxes aimed at women, but there’s a lot of other things to bear in mind too that lots of guys never even considered. Will your salad still be fresh at lunchtime in the heat of the office? Will there be enough space to store all the snacks you need to keep you going? Will you be ready to support that smelly cheese that you like away from the cookie that you’ve brought as a treat? You probably never realized that picking the right lunch bag could be such a minefield!

To help you avoid the potential pitfalls, we’ve taken all the hard work out of choosing a men’s lunch box. Read our reviews of the top 13 contenders and find the perfect unique lunch box for you.



Ms. Bento Stainless-Steel Vacuum Lunch Jar


When a solitary cup of soup won’t do, Ms. Bento is the perfect solution. It comes with three separate compartments, all stored in a handy tote bag that will keep everything upright. It’s also ideal in situations when a fridge or microwave isn’t available. As with any thermos, we suggest “pre-heating” the container with boiling water before combining hot food to maximize heat longevity. 

Image: Amazon


LunchBlox Lunch Bag


With over 1,500 5-star reviews on Amazon and a solid sub $10 price-tag, the LunchBlox is our top budget buy. Reviewers say it’s easy to clean and love that the handle is adjustable, but keep in mind you’ll need to purchase your storage containers to go inside.

Image: Amazon


Stainless Steel Lunch Box


This Black + Blum lunchbox is made of stainless steel and is 100% free of plastic. It has a vacuum seal that stops spills and holes and comes with a fork to boot. We love that it comes with a removable food divider and a silicone strap for extra security. 

Image: Amazon


Insulated Cooler Lunch Box


If you find yourself eating than one meal away from home a day, or if you’re packing for your entire family. This insulated lunch box from Zuzuro will fit the bill. The bag comes with three separate compartments, has two fully insulated bottle holders in the back, and a useful mesh pocket for storing personal items. Three BPA-free food storage containers and two ice packs are also included. At under $30, it’s also a steal. 

Image: Amazon


Brilliance 5-Cup Salad Storage Container


The Brilliance range from Rubbermaid stack neatly on top of each other, meaning you can store multiple containers without ever having to play a game of fridge Jenga again. Their salad kit comes with a toppings and fillings tray but can be used. Excellent for lunch, leftovers, and meal prep.

Image: Amazon


Salad Bowl


If a big salad is your go-to lunch, then you won’t feel short-changed by the 6-cup capacity of the LunchBots salad bowl. Both the vessel and the lid are BPA-free and dishwasher safe. The silicone seals make the bowl leak-proof but are easy enough for kids to open too. Given the size, we would have liked a salad dressing container insert, which it lacks but can be bought separately. Because it’s not covered, we do not recommend it for hot food. 

Image: Amazon


Mod Lunch Bento


While most bento boxes typically are not big enough and tend to leak, this PackIt box solves both issues. It comes with three movable dividers so you alone can decide the perfect ratio of carrot sticks to potato chips. It is also a leak-proof lock-in-place lid designed to fit perfectly in the brand’s frozen lunch bags. Because the dividers’ movability function relies on deep grooves in the bottom of the container, we don’t recommend this lunch box for sauces or salad dressings. 

Image: Amazon


Freezable Everyday Lunch Backpack


If your opening to feel more like a bag lady than a fashionista on your morning commute, seem no further than the Packit lunch backpack. Same all their bags, you can freeze the whole bag, ensuring that to keep your food cold without having to rummage around in the depths of your freezer for ice packs. There are two screen side pockets for storing special items and a water bottle. The easy-to-carry bag frees up your hands to bring your purse, gym bag, coffee, or phone.

Image: Amazon


Waxed Canvas Lunch Box


Waxed-leather bag from Tri-Cloud Sports is an excellent upgrade to the old-school paper kind. Fortunately, it’s far more durable and classy-looking than paper. Still, reviewers do wish it had the buckle had a popper or velcro to make it easier to open.

Waxed Canvas Insulated Lunch Bag
Image: Amazon


Ceramic Porter Bowl Lunch Container

10. W&P

The ceramic porter bowl looks sleek and stylish but is also highly practical. It’s BPA-free, dishwasher, and microwave secure. It will make you feel like you’re eating lunch in a restaurant rather than leftovers at your desk. W&P also makes a BPA-free plastic version. 

Image: Amazon

Best Lunch Bags for Work


Made to exceptional quality standards, this lunch box is made from a high-density Oxford fabric which is water-resistant for easy cleaning and excellent durability.

Its inner lining is made from food-grade aluminum foil. In contrast, the insulated padding is made from 5mm EPE foam to ensure optimal thermal resistance.

There is a handy inner mesh pocket perfect for holding cutlery. In contrast, the rear pockets offer additional room for napkins and condiments.

Inside the main compartment, there is an adjustable divider with a Velcro design, dividing the room in two to store foods separately. There are a couple of zippers so you can easily access stored foods.

Thanks to its convenient size, this bag fits easily into a briefcase or backpack, while its adjustable and removable shoulder strap and the padded handle make it easy to carry. As this lunch bag has been FDA certified, you can be assured you’re buying a great quality product.

Image: Amazon


Made from durable food-safe plastic guaranteed to be BPA-free, this box is microwave and dishwasher protected. This true Japanese-style Bento box features compartments that can be removed to suit your needs, as well as a divider so you can easily store foods separately. As an interesting additional feature, this long box comes with a set of chopsticks – ideal if you’re dining on sushi at lunchtime!

Image: Amazon


Featuring secure lock-down clips, this attractive lunch box features an innovative sauce dipping area on its lid as well as a steam release valve in case you’re warming up your food in the microwave. As an extra cool feature, this box comes with a “fife” – or a unique combination of a knife and fork, so you don’t need to think about bringing your cutlery to work with you.

Holding up to 30 fluid ounces, or 880 ml, this box is made from polypropylene, silicone, and Tritan, which is guaranteed to be BPA and phthalate-free. Since this box is also safe for use in the dishwasher and microwave, it’s easy to clean and perfect for heating leftovers.

Image: Amazon

One thing’s for sure: filling lunch is no longer just for kids. But few questions are more enraging than going to the effort of packing yourself a lunch only to reach your goal to find it leaking into the bottom of your bag. We feel your pain.

That’s exactly why we searched out the best of the best adult lunch boxes to suit your budget and requirements. Whether you’re looking for something to have your soup piping hot, complement your outfit, or keep those portion sizes in check, these are the best lunch boxes for adults of 2021:

  • Best Lunch Box for Hot Food: Zojirushi Ms. Bento
  • Best Budget Lunch Box: Rubbermaid LunchBlox
  • Best Watertight Lunch Box: Black + Blum Stainless Steel Lunch Box
  • Best Large Lunch Box: Zuzuro Lunch Bag
  • Best Lunch Box for Meal Prep: Rubbermaid Brilliance 5-cup Salad Storage Container
  • Best Lunch Box for Salads: LunchBots Salad Bowl
  • Best Bento Lunch Box: PackIt Mod Lunch
  • Best Freezable Lunch Box: Packit Freezable
  • Most Stylish Lunch Box for Men: Tri-Cloud Sports Waxed Canvas Bag
  • Most Stylish Lunch Box for Women: Modern Picnic The Luncher
  • Best Lunch Tote: Hydro Flask Insulated Lunch Tote
  • Best Lunch Box Bowl: W&P Ceramic porter bowl

Whether you work in an agency or the large outdoors, the right lunch box can make all the diversity, both in service and cost savings. While keeping various professions, styles, appetites, and budgets in mind, we’ve rounded up the best lunch boxes for men below.

Consider the following criteria to support you find the perfect lunch box or bag for you:

Lunch Box Size & Extras

Be sure to pick a lunchbox size that serves for the length of your workday—and don’t ignore about room for snacks. If you favor bringing a drink with you to work, you should also think of a box that comes with a quality thermos or water bottle too.

Lunch Box Materials

Insulated lunch boxes are ideal for keeping meals at the right temperature, but you may have to provide an ice pack for some of them. Hard-shell and stainless steel lunch boxes are great for stricter job sites (and can have a cool vintage look to them) but are prepared for the added weight of hauling them to and from work. Canvas lunch boxes, especially water-resistant waxed canvas ones, are incredibly durable and resistant to tearing while still flexible enough to fit into a crowded communal work fridge. But some canvas needs to be hand-washed rather than tossed in the washing machine, so ensure it’s a fit for your needs.


Lunch boxes with detachable liners or hard interiors make for simple clean-up. A pick with anti-microbial technology constructed into the liner might be worth considering for options with more flexible interiors since it helps combat mold and mildew build-up.

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FAQs For Best Lunch Bags For Men.

What is the best lunch bag for adults?

4 Best Adult Lunch Boxes That Make Bringing Lunch to Work Seem Way Easier

  • Best Lunch Box for Hot Food: Zojirushi Ms. Bento.
  • Best Budget Lunch Box: Rubbermaid LunchBlox.
  • Best Watertight Lunch Box: Black + Blum Stainless Steel Lunch Box.
  • Best Large Lunch Box: Zuzuro Lunch Bag

What is the best lunch bag?

Here, the best lunch boxes for all your needs.

  • Best Overall: Hydroflask 8L Insulated Lunch Tote.
  • Best Budget: HANGO Insulated Lunch Box (Set of 2) 
  • Best for Kids: Wildkin Insulated Lunch Box. 
  • Best Insulated: PackIt Freezable Deluxe Lunch Bag. 
  • Best for Meal-Prep: Prep Naturals Meal Prep Lunch Bag.

Which lunch bag is the best insulated?


Our top pick for the best lunch box is the Coleman – 9-Can Insulated Lunch Bag with a removable hardliner. The Coleman offers plenty of room and utility, and it’s the perfect modern version of a lunch box for adults. For those who only want to carry the basics, we like the High Sierra.

What is the best lunch box for keeping food cold?

These are the best lunch coolers we tested ranked, in order:

  • Yeti Hopper Flip 8 Soft-Sided Cooler.
  • Clevermade SnapBasket 30-can Soft-Sided Collapsible Cooler.
  • Igloo Playmate Elite Personal Cooler.
  • Packit Freezable Lunch Bag.
  • Yeti Daytrip Lunch Bag.
  • Rubbermaid LunchPak Insulated Freezable Lunch Bag.
  • L. L. Bean Lunch Box.

Can you put a lunch bag in the fridge?

Always store your lunchbox or bag in a refrigerator, or if that is not an option, cool by packing with ice, a gel pack, or a frozen juice box. Start with a clean lunchbox or cooler. Food spills or crumbs from the day before inviting the bacteria that can make you sick.

How often should you replace your lunch bag?

1 Consider replacing the lunchbox every year, dietitian Sarah Krieger said. It might look fine on the outside, but mold and bacteria can accumulate on the inside of the box, particularly in any cracks or crevices.