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Before we get started here, let’s get one thing out of the way: There’s an enormous distinction between the worst and the best Hairspray for men. Typical (cheap) hairsprays scent like WD40 mixed with potpourri. They will leave your hair sticky and drippy.

The best Hairspray, however, will do something extraordinary: they’ll lock in the shape and style you spent your morning working so hard on, and they’ll do it without a mess and an offensive odor. Imagine taking a screenshot of your hair’s very best morning time (mirror face not included) and carrying that with you until you’re back in front of your bathroom glass doing your pre-bedtime routine.

If you want healthy hair for the whole day, every day, then you need to play a long game. But you don’t even need a spray that gives a cement-like hold. Many hairsprays provide you with texture, control, and a shield opposite the elements (like humidity and sun damage) without turning your hair crunchy, complicated, or shiny. You style your hair as customary and zap it with a dust of Hairspray at the outcome (unless instructed otherwise), and it makes all the difference.

Here Top 3 Best Hair Spray For Men (For Quick view):

Image Product Details   Price
R+Co Balloon Dry Volume Spray R+Co Balloon Dry Volume Spray Note: It will pump up limp strands without the weight of other products. Check Price
Dove Men Care Control Spray  Dove Men Care Control Spray Note: This unscented hair spray won’t leave you scenting weird. Check Price
IGK Beach Club Texture Spray IGK Beach Club Texture Spray Note: For men with fine or thinning hair. Check Price

We advise you to let your style dry before applying Hairspray for “actual hold,” as it’ll be less crispy and polished. (A great blow dryer can expedite that, plus the knowledge of how to use a blow dryer in the first place.)

Who’s a candidate for Hairspray? Technically, everyone with hair high enough to meld or shape, even guys with thinning hair. Hair spray adds texture to smaller styles and tames flyaways for longer ones. Many shield you from humidity or heat damage (like pre-blow-drying sprays), while others purify the scalp and give just as many benefits to our balder brethren. Even if you don’t plan to apply it every day, it’s smart to have Hairspray at the ready for those occasions where it’s needed.

Below are our picks for the best Hairspray for men, with appropriate ways depending on the length, texture, and density of your hair. Whether you buy one to give it a shot or have decided to stock up for the future, you’ll savor the sudden staying power of your hairstyle through humidity, touching, and long hours on the job.

Here 15 Best Hair Spray For Men In 2022 :

1. R+Co Balloon Dry Volume Spray

Volume sprays often don’t hold as much as mythical hairsprays but are models for fine or thinning hair. Apply it to dry hair and spray at the roots before working through your hair with your hands or a brush. It will pump up limp strands without the weight of other products.

Best Hair Spray For Men
Image : Amazon

2. Dove Men Care Control Spray

One reason some guys don’t like Hairspray is that they don’t like the smell. This unscented hair spray won’t leave you scenting weird but still affords all the hold and control of a traditional hairspray.

Dove Men Care Control Spray
Image: Amazon

3. IGK Beach Club Texture Spray

For men with fine or thinning hair, combining texture can make it look fuller and thicker. Applying this strategy spray instead of creams or pomades will help you get to the top without disturbing your hair by mid-afternoon.

IGK Beach Club Texture Spray
Image: Amazon

4. Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray

The healthy oils in this spray can make dull hair look shinier and extra healthy with just a little spritz. It’s also suitable for curly hair thanks to higher moisturizing elements than traditional Hairspray. It has more of a fragrance than some others, but the flexible hold is excellent for keeping curls in place.

Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray
Image : Amazon

5. Tresemme Compressed Micro Mist Boost #3 Hold Hair Spray

The best thing about this Hairspray is that the bottle is short but intense, so you don’t have to worry about keeping a big, clunky can in your bathroom (or in your gym bag). We like the #3 hold because it’s not crunchy but will still keep any hair in check.

Tresemme Compressed Micro Mist Boost #3 Hold Hair Spray
Image: Amazon

6. The Best Salon-Caliber (and Wallet-Friendly) Hairspray

Salon-staple Sebastian is a popular entry-level spray, notably if you’re doubtful about investing in something pricier. It covers all the basics: It locks in your style for a full day’s duration, sans crunch, and prevents the frustrating mushroom-like outcomes of humidity. If you’re looking for a no-absurdity, affordable, baseline hairspray, grab this one.

The Best Salon-Caliber (and Wallet-Friendly) Hairspray
Image: Amazon

7. The Best Pre-Styling Hairspray

These goods aren’t a hairspray in the traditional sense. It’s a pre-styling spray and a restyling activator that soothes and supports your hair and scalp. It’s infused with tea tree and juniper oils to calm vexation and inflammation, as well as eucalyptus oil for a refreshing tingle. And it’ll add a bit of texture and information to the hair too, and once it dries, you’ll have a nourished, radiant canvas for your styler of choice. If you want to reset and restyle your hair during the day, it’s the correct product to spray on before re-applying different products (like a paste or a cream).

The Best Pre-Styling Hairspray
Image: Amazon

8. The Best Hairspray for Reworkable Style

If you only need a touch of hold and want the option of restyling your hair throughout the day, then opt for R+Co’s flexible, light-hold spray. It also works well as a standalone styler to short hair that demands light texture and definition—the kind you can run your fingers through without care or worry.

The Best Hairspray for Reworkable Style
Image : Amazon

9. The Best Hairspray for Curly Hair

Speaking of Hairspray that doesn’t move curls crunchy, DEVACURL is a cult favorite among the especially tangle-haired of all sexes. It prevents hair from frizzing and poofing while giving your circles a bounce hold to preserve the style you so carefully administered in the morning.

The Best Hairspray for Curly Hair
Image : Amazon

10. The Best Hairspray for Hot Weather Protection

If you utilize a blow dryer, then you should spray on a heat-defense spray before any exposure to “the elements.” This one from Moroccan oil security each strands from heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, so hair doesn’t get damaged and destroyed by the high-temp gusts of your blow dryer. It also plugs each hair with argan oil to encourage a strong, radiant shine. Spray it onto fresh, damp hair, comb it through, and use your blow dryer as usual.

The Best Hairspray for Hot Weather Protection
Image: Amazon

11. Ogx Bodiyfing Bamboo Fiber Full Hair Spray

Many guys get intimidated when they see “big, full, or volume” on a bottle. While these product claims are usually real, don’t assume this is for the overly stylized guy. Volumizing hair spray can build a sought-after illusion for guys with thinner hair. Utilize this to the roots from 6 inches away, let dry, and fluff up. Magically see how your hair suddenly has depth, texture, and body. On top of that, the stronghold will keep it that way all day long.

Ogx Bodiyfing Bamboo Fiber Full Hair Spray
Image: Amazon

Best For: Guys with thin or fine hair that need to add texture, volume, and a styled finish.

12. Tresemme Tres Two Extra Hold Hair Spray

If you’re doubtful about the investment-linked in the above, then go for this drugstore hero and fashion week favorite from TRESemme. Extra holds are better for guys with medium to thick hair with more layers to lock in place. With this one, you will get a strong all-day hold without the crunchy finish. With stronger holds, we don’t suggest you brush through.

Tresemme Tres Two Extra Hold Hair Spray
Image: Amazon

Best For Guys on a budget with medium to thick hair committed to locking their lettuce in place for an entire day.

13. Moroccan Oil Luminous Strong Hairspray

A lot of hair sprays tend to dry out your hair over time. But Moroccan Oil’s Luminous Strong Hairspray does the opposition. The brand is known for its Argan oil-based goods that nourish the hair with vitamins and antioxidants and scent like a vacation. This gives you a stronghold and glowing finish. 

Best For Guys with any hair type who wants it all: Hydration, shine, and stronghold all at the same time.

Moroccan Oil Luminous Strong Hairspray
Image: Amazon

14. R+Co Outer Space Flexible Hairspray

When you view the word “flexible,” that means the finish won’t glue your hair to a particular shape but rather tame flyaways and form it while still allowing movement. We love this one because it simply allows you to switch up styles. It leaves no confusion, gunk, or flakes behind (so if you screw up, brush it and start over). You’ll get bounce and movement without losing shape.

R+Co Outer Space Flexible Hairspray
Image : Amazon

Best For Guys with any hair type that spend time styling a bedhead look, with movement. 

15. Rusk


If your hair leans on the flat or thin side, Rusk’s shampoo gives it volume to help improve the appearance of thicker hairs.


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Purpose and Benefit of Hairsprays :

Hairspray isn’t just for women.

There is a stigma with hairsprays that it is only for ladies: false.

Men tend to think this because we think of mom bursting out the famous ol’ aerosol can and dousing her perm, remember?

The whole house scented like a salon, and you were gagging on the fumes. Well, this isn’t 1985 anymore. Hairsprays are now being designed mainly for men, and the products are varied to suit your hair type and created with ingredients to treat your hair right and meet your hold needs.

Not only that, some men don’t want a handful of jelly to run through their hair, covering every follicle and weighing them down. So how are hairsprays different today?

What’s in Hairspray?

Let’s start by changing the way you think of Hairspray historically, by warning you that Mom’s can of Aquanet is a thing of the past. Hairsprays no longer contain chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) as the right agreement via “Montreal Protocol” protects the environment from these extremely toxic chemicals.

Today, Hairspray can be alcohol-based or not but often include useful ingredients that fortify hair, give volume, and help hold in place even the most intricate styles all in earth-friendly goods.

We tend to believe in Hairspray, related to pageants, talent shows, and performance where it is “caked on” and rough. Sure, that is what it is when needed, but why can’t it be an easy tool to manage hair and hold tight cool styling?

Well, it can.

It comes down to selecting the right spray for your hair type first, then considering what kind of hold your style demands.

Where does Hairspray stand vs. other products?

Well, it comes down to the need. If you know from hair gel, pomade, clay, and wax, what could you likely want with Hairspray?

Frankly, it comes down to if you need it as a supplement or a standalone. Hairspray as a standalone product can meet many needs: hold, maintenance, volume, etc.

As a sequel, it is key to freeze great style, tame frizz or relaxed hair, add bounce to design, etc. You name it, and it can be an excellent tool.

Hairspray For Thin Hair:

You want to focus on volume and hold. Typically, men with thinner hair get the best natural oil from the scalp as it smoothly works from root to tip, so what they want is a boost.

The concern is that you pick a hairspray that closes up, plastering your hair to your scalp, and now you are the creepy guy, not the suave guy.

You want to look for keywords like “boost,” “volume,” and “lift.” Consider John Frieda Collection Luxurious Volume as a good hairspray for thin and thinning hair.

Hairspray For Thick Hair:

Men with thicker hair are typically looking to contain frizz and take shape. Men with thicker hair love to style; they love to flaunt and get productive.

All good, but they do struggle with dryer hair, frayed ends, and frizz. Unlike thin hair types, thicker hair types work to see the real benefit of the scalp’s natural oils (especially at the tip, thus frizzing occurs), so using products that include some natural ingredients to fortify the hair and manage stray ends will undoubtedly help.

Suppose Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Texturizing Sea Spray as an excellent answer to succeeding thicker hair, with the mixed benefit of fresh ginger.

Hairspray For Curly Hair:

Why don’t men with curly hair use hairspray?

Because they think it will hold too powerful or mat down the natural curl and wave. This is not true; you need the right product. Curly hair begs to be styled straight, but you must look for a product that enhances your hair’s bounce and movement.

Curly hair can too be fun and performed upon, but there is a fine line connecting initiator and “dude looks crazy.” Generally, the most suitable Hairspray for men with curly hair is alcohol-free, allowing your hair to move but managing frizzy ends.

So, How Do You Use Hairspray?

Pretty simple.

No sticky hands with Hairspray – style your hair to your liking, hold the can about 10 inches from your head and spray. Typically, you wish to use on 3 or 4 hits or do a 3 or 4 count if using an aerosol.

Like other grooming products, input begets style, so view what you put in as it is dependent on how many holds you want—experiment with it.

Daily Routine:

You do have to stay clean, it goes without telling, but we are saying it. Depending on your hair type, you may want to evaluate when you shampoo or condition.

Thick hair samples may shampoo less, but perhaps, you cannot get in the shower without an all-out cleaning. No matter the hair grooming product you use, consider the significance of proper hair treatment. Your shampoo should cleanse, strengthen, and profit your hair type.

Reviews of the best shampoos for men.

Conditioners are often forgotten, but if you are frustrated with frayed ends, split hairs, or poor control, you should be applying a conditioner. Your grooming products (gels, pomades, clays, and, now, hairsprays) will help harness these difficulties, but decent cleaning will mitigate the need for supplemental goods.

Reviews of the best conditioners for men.

Hairspray vs. Other Hair Products:

As suggested before, Hairspray is underused these days, apparently because men don’t know the product. Gels, pomades, waxes, mattes, clays, etcetera are big now because they go directly into the hair to coat the follicles almost entirely, then allow you to comb your style from there.

This is all fine and great, but it does add more weight to your hair than Hairspray will, and, typically, these other products don’t showcase your actual hair.

Hairspray holds more tenuous, so you’ll notice that it feels much lighter and, if you do want it, you still get bounce and movement without losing shape.

It is not unique to use Hairspray with other styling products, however. One often-used incorporation is to style your hair with a cosmetic or clay and top it with Hairspray.

This is mostly done because men with thicker hair want to craft their specific hairstyle with a pomade to give it shape, then use Hairspray to freeze that style in place but give it extra shine and polish.


Hairspray is the common underrated hair styling product for men, according to barber Mr. Natty of Tuft NYC. “Guys don’t use it plenty, but it’s so risky,” he says. “It can work as a styling product or fixing goods. You can put it on flatter hair, and it makes it feel thicker.” But he understands why most maximum guys get a short freaked about spray—old school sprays put it on thick and secured hair in place a tiny too much. His trick is to spray it on a brush instead of instantly onto the hair. That way, you ensure a lighter touch and a more natural finish.

With modern hair sprays, though, you may not even need to do that. Top hairspray brands are coming out with more moderate sprays that are adjustable hold, meaning you can run your hands through your hair and not break the bonds (no more helmet head). So no matter what species of hair you have, there is a hairspray out there for you. These are the ten best hairsprays men have been missing out on.

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FAQs For Hair Spray For Men

Can guys use hair spray?

Hairspray is a beneficial styling aid for guys going thin on top as it doesn’t weigh hair down and make it look gappy like heavy waxes can. If you want your hair areas to stand, uphold them in place with your fingers while the spray sets.

What does a hair spray do?

Hair spray (also hair lacquer or spritz) is a usual cosmetic hair styling product spattered onto hair to protect against moisture and wind. Hair sprays typically consist of various components for the hair as well as fuel.

Which is the best hair spray?
  • Best overall: L’Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold Hairspray.
  • Best budget option: TRESemmé Micro mist Hairspray.
  • Best for thick hair: Matrix Vavoom Freezing Spray.
  • Best for fine hair: Kenra Volume Spray 25.
  • Best for dry hair: Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray.
Is hair spray bad for your hair?

Generally speaking, most hairsprays will not cause damage. However, some classes of Hairspray can damage your hair. Hairsprays that include Ethanol can be highly damaging to your hair as they will dry it out. This ingredient may also irritate your scalp.

How do I choose a hair spray?

Once you know what each particular Hairspray claims to do, you need to consider your hair type, how you typically style your hair, and what you want to accomplish with your Hairspray. For example, fine hair styled into an embryo will have different needs than if you have thick, curly hair that is flat ironed.

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